Register For Kindergarten

Kindergarten registration for the current school year 2021-2022:
Children born in 2017 = JK/Year 1 Kindergarten
Children born in 2016 = SK/Year2 Kindergarten

Kindergarten registration for the next school year 2022-2023 is available now:
Children born in 2018 = JK/Year 1 Kindergarten
Children born in 2017 = SK/Year2 Kindergarten

To register follow the steps below.

For further support email or phone 1-866-336-6139 and press 2.

Step 1. Find MY School

After using the Locate My School link above, if you do not find the school you wish to attend, please send an email to

Step 2. DO I NEED TO BE Catholic?

Yes I'm Catholic.
Yes, my religious affiliation is recognized in the SEE of Rome listed here.

Please proceed to Step #3.

Otherwise, you may still be considered for admission to a St. Clair Catholic School. Please contact the school prior to registration to set up an interview with the Principal.

Step 3. i'm ready to Register

Option 1: Complete the Online Registration and the school will confirm receipt by contacting you.

Option 2: Download the Registration Form to Adobe PDF, complete then email to

Option 3: Contact your school to obtain a registration package.

Step 4. What's NEXT?

After completing registration, the school will contact you for the following documents:

Proof of Catholicity

Proof of Home Address (one of the following documents):

Utility Statement

Purchase/Rental/Lease Agreement

Bank Document

Child’s Proof of Age and Legal Name (one of the following documents):

Birth Certificate

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad


Permanent Resident Card

Record of Landing

Your School will provide you with other forms that are necessary to be completed.

Related Information


The Ministry of Education requires that every student have a complete and up-to-date immunization record on file with the local Health Unit in order to attend school. Contact Chatham-Kent Public Health or Lambton Public Health to ensure your immunization records are up-to-date.​​


All Catholic property owners and tenants are encouraged to ensure that they are registered appropriately for the purposes of municipal elections and school board tax support. This is also a requirement for admission to the St. Clair Catholic District School Board elementary schools. Important information and forms to direct your school support can be found by clicking this link.

Become Part of Our School Community

Once you are registered, we will continue to share information with you and keep you involved. Getting students comfortable with the school provides for a successful transition into Kindergarten.

Learning together today, transforming tomorrow